A tag is a colored text box that is visible on the front of the card. You come up with the names of the tags yourself. You can add an unlimited number of tags to any card.

How to use tags

1. To indicate an important feature of the card

For example, developers on bug cards have tags on which operating system these bugs occur.

On the editor's board, tags indicate where the material will be published, so that at a glance at the board it is noticeable whether there is a skew in the sites.

2. For easy search of cards

Click on the tag on the front of the card or go to Filters → Tags → select a tag. This will find all cards with this tag.

How to add a tag

1. Add a tag field to the card. Click on the purple plus button and select "Tags"

2. Select a tag from the prompts or add a new one

An important point: the user sees in the tooltips only those tags to which he has access. For example, there is a tag A in space B to which the user does not have access. In this case, he will not see the A mark in the tooltips.

How to edit a tag

Click on the pencil icon next to the tag. In the window that appears, edit the name or color of the tag.

How to remove a tag from a card

Move the cursor over the tag and click on the cross that appears in the colored field

How to remove a tag

Go to menu → Administration → Tags.

Click on the "Remove" button opposite the label you want to remove. When you remove a tag, it will disappear from the tooltips and from the cards in which it was added.