Members and roles in space

When workspace is created, the user becomes its administrator.

Inviting new participants

To invite a new member, click on the "User" button in the upper right area of the workspace.

This will open a list of existing users who already have access to the space. To invite a new user, click on the plus icon.

If you have a plan with a limited number of users, then you can invite third-party users as long as you have available activations.

If you have a postpaid plan for the actual number of activated users, you can invite an unlimited number of new members.

Access rights

Users only have access to the boards that are located in the spaces available to them.

Roles of users on workspaces


Accesses the entire workspace in read mode (boards, charts/reports, archive).

Can only comment on cards.


All operations on the workspace are available, except deletions. A user with these rights can create a column, but cannot delete it.


All operations on the workspace and assigning the administrator role to other users are available.

Guest users

There is a new type of user in Kaiten - guest users. Guest users can see boards and leave comments on cards, but do not require payment.

Inviting guest users

You can invite directly from your space or from the "Users" section

Click on the people icon in the top right corner → click the plus icon → in the window that opens, select the "Send Invite" tab → enter the email of the person you want to invite and check the "Invite as Guest User" box → click "Send"

Article about guest users