Updated csv / xls card import

You can create cards from spreadsheets using the new import now. It accepts .csv, .xls, .xlsx files, doesn't require pattern matching and allows you to customize flexibly your import data. This is a handy tool for creating a large number of cards with minimal time. It can be used to import data from other systems that support exporting in csv/xls format.

In the main import window, you will be able to upload your files and track your download history.

After downloading the file, you will be able to set up a table for import. Customize the correspondence of the table columns to the card fields using the menu in the header. Most of the standard card fields are available for filling in this way, as well as your custom fields.

It is possible to specify additional parameters - for example, the separator you use for lists (it can be useful when uploading members, tags and other fields that allow multiple values) or a column in which you want to create (or where you want to move) a card with a specified date - using the item "Card movement date".

When the setup is completed, click on the "Import" button to start the job for creating cards. You can leave the import window and continue your work. When the cards are ready, a message will appear in the appropriate space warning about outdated data - click "Update" and your cards will appear on the board.