Types of cards

How to change the card type

1. Open the card and click on the type. Choose new type

2. Click on the colored strip in the upper left corner of the card and change the type

Creation of new types of cards

You can create your own types of cards.

  1. Go to menu → Administration → Card types.

  1. Click "Add card type"

If the gear does not appear, then you are in a workspace without the appropriate rights.

  1. Come up with a name for the type and emoji (or a letter). Optionally fill in the "Description Template" and add required properties for this type of cards

Removing the old card types

Deleting a type occurs from the same section "Types of cards". To delete, click on trash can icon. In this case, Kaiten will offer you to replace the deleted type in the cards with the existing one.

Setting the default card types for a board or lane

Click on the three dots at the top of the board or lane. In the drop-down menu for choosing "Default card type"

In the window that appears, you will see the current default card type and can change it.

The default card type settings will only affect new cards. The cards that were already on the board will remain unchanged. They will have to change the type manually.