Automation (beta) - a new tool for easy work

We understand how important order and flow are in daily activities and how difficult it can be to maintain. In order to free you from the need for constant monitoring and relieve you of repetitive tasks, we offer you a new tool - Automation.

What is it, where is it?

Automation is a rule for performing automatic actions, when certain events are occurred. To explore the new tool, click on the Automation icon in the right panel of the space. As long as you don't have any automations, you can go straight to creating them.

How to work with it?

To create an automation in the left column "When" you need to set an event that will work as a trigger and set up additional fields - in the screenshot we select the "Card is moved to" event and set the path where the automation should work when card moving to it.

In the right column "Then do this" - select the action that should be automatically performed when the trigger occurs. There can be several actions - but no more than the available types.

After saving, the automation will appear on the Manage tab. You can edit or delete it (deleting automation is only available to space users with administrator rights). And, of course, create new ones - but be careful that automations do not cancel each other's actions.

Good but i want more

This tool is under active development, we plan to expand the number of available triggers, actions and add a condition element. What cases would you like to automate, what actions to add, other suggestions - we will be waiting for your feedback in our Support chat!