Due date and ASAP

You can set due date for card:

1. click on "Set due date" text in card's header;

2. pick date and hours (optional).

Due date is set based on time in your location. So timezone matters.

If card is overdue – it will be marked with red date on card.

You can view overdue cards on space with filter (black icons on members' side bar).

Expires later

You might not have noticed, but when you select a date a little higher, the item "Expires later" appears, this checkbox must be checked if the task does not make sense after the date you have selected.

For example, if you are preparing for a New Year marketing campaign, then launching it in January probably doesn't make sense, so check this box along with the date.

In this case, an exclamation mark will appear on the card along with the date, which signals that after this date, the card will lose its relevance.

Add ASAP mark

In the same window as the date selection, it is possible to select the "Do it ASAP" mode.

On the closed card, a red ASAP - As Soon As Possible (as soon as possible) message will appear, which signals the participants that the task has the highest priority.