New administrative section "Activity logs"

In the section, you can track important events that have taken place in your company, see when and by whom they were made, and get the opportunity to restore deleted cards and boards.

The section is located in the left panel "Administration" -> "Activity logs".

Board restoration

To restore the board, click on the restore icon in the corresponding line. The board is restored in the space where it was at the time of removal.

Card restoration

If the path the card was located at the time of removal exists, the card will be restored to its original location:

If the card's former location is no longer available (board/column/lane was removed), you'll be prompted to select a new one:

Access rights to section

Only the owner of the company has rights to the section by default.

Be careful when granting access rights to this section! This will allow the user to recover deleted cards and boards regardless of access to them.