Scrum board, Sprint board, start Sprint

Scrum board structure

For working on Scrum, Kaiten has a ready-made template that consists of a backlog board and a board for the current sprint.

  1. Open the menu, hover over the name of the space in which you want to create a board for Scrum.Click on the plus next to the space name. In the dropdown menu select "Create a new board"

  1. Choose template for Scrum

After that, an empty backlog board and a Sprint board will appear in space. It remains to fill them with cards)

Start of the Sprint

To start a sprint, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the sprint board. In the menu that appears, click "Start sprint".

Next, you need to fill out the title, start and end date of the sprint in the form. Optionally, you can set a goal for the sprint.

After that, a line with the Sprint end date and goal will appear on the Sprint board under its name.

Burndown chart and Velocity chart

Immediately after the start of the sprint, graphs become available to you to evaluate the team's work in the Sprint "Burndown chart" and "Velocity chart". To view them, click on the name of the sprint, and then on the name of the desired schedule.

To use the "Velocity chart" before the start of the sprint, you need to evaluate the cards that will be included in this sprint.

The sum of scores of the cards that are in the columns "queue" and "in progress" will be used as the planned score.

End of the Sprint

Before completing a Sprint, make sure that all cards on the Sprint Board are in the columns corresponding to their status.

To complete, click on the name of the Sprint, which is located under the name of the sprint board. In the window that appears, click Finish.

Changing the card size after the end of the Sprint does not affect the speed graph (the actual size at the end of the Sprint is saved).

Example space where Scrum is used