Template checklist

Template checklists allow you to set up "rule lists" for a column or for an entire board, which will be automatically added to every card that falls into that column.

Note: if a template checklist is assigned to the entire board, then when a card hits any of the columns, this checklist will be applied to it

Let's say you have a Contract / Preparation column. And within this stage of the process, you must always perform certain actions, for example:

1. Take the latest current contract from folder X.

2. Send it to the manager for review before sending it to customers.

It is inconvenient to create a checklist for a card every time, so you create a template checklist with the name "Preparatory Actions", and add items from the list above (1 and 2) to its items. Now, every time a card visits this column, a list will be created in it, consisting of two items that need to be completed.

There can be many template checklists.

Create template checklist

To create a new template checklist, go to the column menu and select the "Template checklists" item.

In the window that appears, click "Add checklist".

Enter the name of the checklist and points, indicate for which type of cards this template will be applied.

After you have entered everything you need, click "Back" or close the window.

Copying and transferring template checklists

Template checklists can be copied to other columns / boards, as well as moved between columns / boards (by removing them from the original column / board and assigning them to another column / board)

Edit or delete a template checklist

To do this, click on the three dots to the right of the name of the template checklist and choose “Delete“.