Service Desk

Kaiten has a built-in module - the Service Desk.The main task of this module is to service requests that are created internally by employees who do not have access to the boards.

Examples of use cases

Legal requests

The legal department has its own workspace in Kaiten, it has a board with all the legal tasks. Employees often make requests to the legal department, but giving everyone access to legal tasks would be wrong from a corporate policy point of view. In this case, employees are offered to put their requests through a separate Service Desk interface, where they will only see their requests and their status, while the legal department will see these requests as cards on its board.

Internal support service

Service Desk deals with modification and support of 1C products within the company. Users often make requests to this department, but they do not need to use Kaiten and the boards.

Where is the service desk located

If your account address is, then the service-desk is located at -

How to leave a support ticket

  1. Go to the support interface at company
    For example,

  2. Log in. Enter mail and PIN-code that came to the specified mail

  1. After that, you will be taken to the support interface, where you can see your past tickets and create a new one. Click the "New request" button

Sections of the Service Desk module


In this section you can see key performance indicators of your support team: how many requests are at what stage of processing, the total number of pending requests.


Added statistics to the “Service desk” module so that you know how efficiently you are working with customer requests.

In a new section, the graphs display,

1. how many applications were there in a certain period,

2. distribution of requests by services,

3. how many requests were completed by a specific employee,

4. average lead time for one request.


In this section you will find information on all requests: service, author, status, column, date of creation, start date and execution date. The table can be downloaded. Column boundaries can be moved as you wish.


Here you can create a service for receiving requests and edit existing ones.

The service allows you to create configuration - which board the request will go to. For example, create a service "Legal issues" and specify the board of legal services.

When the user selects where to write, they will select "Legal issues" and a card will be created based on the request on the appropriate board.

Hide service. By default, all services for selection will be available to users of the service desk. If you want to hide a service, then set up access restriction. Click on the created service and click on "Restrict access to service".

External recipients In the settings of the service, you can allow or prohibit the author of the application from adding additional addressees to it so that their mails also receive notifications about the work on the application

Setting the visibility of fields. When a client creates a request for the service of the "Service Desk" module, it automatically turns into a card on the board. If checklists, links, tags and other information are added to this card, then the author of the application will see this.

The visibility of the fields can be changed in the service settings. Check the fields that will be visible to the author in the section "Visible card fields"

Evaluation in the application You can add the field "Vote" to the application so that the author of the application could evaluate the work of the service.

This is how the application will look like with the added voting field⬇️

To add such a field, in the "Vote setting" section, select which field to add or create a new one

Evaluation of the service in the email Authors of applications can rate your work directly in the notification email about the completion of the application. The score will appear in the card in Kaiten.

How to setup

1. Open the menu → Service Desk → Services → click on the required service

2. in the section "Email notifications for request author" check the box next to the item "Movement to the "done" typed column"

3. in the section "Vote setting" select or create the required field.

Email that the author of the application will receive after its completion ⬇️

Access to the Service Desk

The email templates determine who can use your Service Desk. If you enter the domain in the templates, you can be reached by any user who has a * box.

This is usually your company's domain.

You can also enter specific addresses into the templates.

If no email template is specified, any user with any email will be able to log in.

Telegram bot for clients

Here you will find the API key to create a Telegram bot. This will allow your customers to contact the support team via messenger. Thanks to the telegram bot, customers will be able to receive notifications, reply to comments and create new requests directly from the messenger.

Telegram bot installation instruction

Binding of the card to the service and change of author of the request

A customer has left you a request by private email or phone?

In order to avoid additional iterations on your part to keep the customer informed about the progress of the work, we have added the possibility to link the card you have created to the service and assign the customer as the author.

Alternatively, you can change the current author to an existing author or a new external user by opening card and selecting "change" in the Author field:

In order to bind cards to services and change the author, the user must have the appropriate rights. You do not need to have access to the administrative part of the "Service Desk" module.

Open the menu → Members → click on the name of the user whose access you want to edit.