Email integration

Create cards from letters

Kaiten allows you to generate a custom email address. By sending a letter to such an address, you will create a card in the right place. All files that you have attached to the letter will be uploaded to the card.

To get a special address, you need to have administrator rights on the workspace.

  1. Open the menu, move the cursor over the desired space. Click on the three dots to the right of the space name and select "Space Settings"

  1. In the window that opens, select the Email integration section. Specify the board / column / track you want. Copy the link.

Some companies create an address that suits them, for example, and set up forwarding from such a mailbox to a special Kaiten address. Thus, you can make a short name for the mailbox.

Any external addressee can create cards in this way, it is not necessary to have an account in Kaiten.

Create a comment from an email

If you received a notification on a card to the postal address from Kaiten, then you can reply to such a letter. The answer to the letter will be transformed into a comment to the card, you can attach files.

If you want to give someone the opportunity to write letters in the comments to the card, then you can get a special address like this:

  1. Open the card. Click on the three dots. In the drop-down menu, select the section "Email comments"

3. Copy the link and share it with your colleagues.

Sending a comment from Kaiten to an external recipient

Your comment in the card can be sent to an external addressee by mail.

  1. Open the card, write a comment. In the comment window, click on the letter icon

  1. A line will appear under the comment window where you need to enter the recipient's address

After sending a comment, the addressee will receive an email with the text of your comment.

Attention! In addition to your comment, external addressees will also receive a description of the card in the letter.