Description, text formatting

Add description

Open the card, click on the field under the "Description" heading and enter the required information for the task. Click "Save".

Text formatting

To create text with formatting as above, you need put like this:

## You can format text
**Eat** some more of these *soft* French ~~toasts~~ buns and drink some ++tea++.

You can find full description of markup syntax and try it here (press checkmark on breaks in the upper menu)

Insert pictures into description

1. Upload the picture to the card. To do this, click on the purple plus button in the upper left corner of the card. Select "Upload file" and upload a picture.

2. Type in description

![name of the picture](link to the picture in the card)

3. Insert the name of the picture in square brackets.

4. Insert the link to the uploaded picture in parentheses. To do this, hover the cursor over the name of the uploaded file → press the right mouse button → Copy link address.

Plotting diagrams in description with PlantUML

In the description of the card, you can draw diagrams using the PlantUML language.

This will help you better convey the meaning of the task to the performer and avoid mistakes. For example, clearly explain to developers what should happen with a certain user action.