We allow to import files only in our format, please check the reference example.

Import from the browser

  1. Open target space or create a new one

  2. Press Plus button on the top right

  3. Select Import -> CSV

  4. You will receive email notification with status of an import when its finished

  5. Board will appear in the space if import succeed

Import via API (REST-API, json)

Make a POST request to this API Endpoint:


Data (JSON payload):


Replace following params:

  • YOURDOMAIN — your domain in Kaiten

  • SPACE_ID — target space id

  • URL-TO-CSV — URL to CSV file (it should be accessible from our side, upload it on your side)

  • BOARD-NAME — replace with desired board name

Creating spaces and boards and other general documentation related to API usage available in the API reference.