Collective score

In Kaiten, you can create a field where multiple users can enter values. Such a field will be useful for team assessing the priority of a task or its complexity.

How to create a collective assessment field

Go to Menu → Administration → Custom properties → Add Custom property.

Enter a name for the field and select its type. If several people are involved in the assessment, select the "Collective value" type.

How to add a field to a card

Open the card, click on the purple plus button, select the field you want to add.

How the collective assessment works

After you add a field with the "Collective value" type to the card, a window will open in which you and your colleagues can enter your grades.

To invite colleagues for evaluation, click the "Invite Colleagues" button. A link will be copied to the clipboard, which you can drop your work chat or send by mail.

When a colleague clicks on this link, you will see their avatar in the window.

When colleagues vote, you will see their scores for this factor. At this stage, the team usually meets or calls to discuss the grades and select the final grade for the task.

Kaiten offers four options for calculating the collective score: minimum, maximum, median, and average. You can choose one of them or enter your own value in the "Collective value" field.