Postpaid plan (monthly)

Each first day of a month Kaiten generates an invoice for a previous month and charges your bank card automatically via Stripe payment system (other payment methods are not available for the postpaid option).

Invoice is generated for days for each user account that was in an active state during the previous month. Activated does not mean a person logged in and did any action, it means user was not manually deactivated in the administration section.

Do I pay for any type of user?

Users with guest access permission or users who use Kaiten only via Service Desk interface are not countable, they are free.

How an invoice is generated?

Let’s say you activated the PRO plan postpaid ($16 user / month) subscription on June 23. By the time of activation you had 3 colleagues working with you together in Kaiten’s space.

On July 1 the total amount for generated invoice would be ~ $12.5

Here is the calculation:

From 23 to 30 there are 8 calendar days, it’s 26% of the total days in a month (in June - 30).

So the price per user in that case is 26% from $16 = $4.16

And total price is: $4.16 * 3 = $12.5

How do I cancel monthly subscription?

You can cancel a postpaid subscription anytime in the Billing section by pressing Switch to Free tariff - button. Once you press it — the invoice for the period from the beginning of the month until a current day will be generated and charged from your account. If you have used any paid features they will be disabled since your account switched to the free plan, but you will be able to access the data and user Kaiten fully according to Free plan.