Telegram chat subscriptions to FlowFast events

Added the ability to subscribe in the telegram group chat for events of the selected board, column, or track.
Events available for subscription: creating, moving, blocking/unblocking cards, adding card members and assigning responsible.

Group chats

After being added to the group chat, on command /subscriptions, the bot will offer you to select the space and the board in sequence. Here you can subscribe to all columns and lanes of the board, as well as select a particular column and/or lane:

After selecting a board, column, and/or lane, a menu opens with the settings for the created subscription. By default, notifications about creating and moving the card are enabled. To toggle on/off event notifications, just click on the menu button with the same name:

Other chat participants, authorized in the FlowFast telegram bot, can also add and customize their events subscriptions.

After adding a subscription, the /subscriptions command will open a menu for configuring current subscriptions and adding new ones:

Private chat with a bot

Also available subscriptions, with notifications in a private chat with the bot. Unlike subscriptions in group chats, the notifications in a private chat will not be sent if you are the author of the event (eg, created a card). On the command /subscriptions, opens the menu:

The "Personal messages" section shows current subscriptions in your personal chat with the bot. To configure existing subscriptions or add new ones, just click the appropriate button:

In the "Group Chats" section is a list of group chats. It includes those chats in which you have subscriptions, as well as those to which you have added a bot.

When you click on "Add Group Chat", a button will appear to quickly add the bot to the group chat:

When you select a chat, your subscriptions in that chat will be displayed: