Card's filter

Spaces have a powerful Filters tool that helps you find exactly what you need.

In order to activate a filter, you must click on the “Filters” button in the top panel.

Filter groups

You can filter cards by several criteria at once. We call this a filter group.

Filters in a group are linked by the “AND” or “OR” condition. The “AND” condition means that all filters in the group must be executed. The “OR” condition means that at least one filter must be executed.

There can be as many groups as you like. You can create a very precise filter with many conditions.

You can save the created complex filter so that you do not need to re-enter the conditions every time you need it. You can find the saved filters by clicking on the “Filters” button.

What criteria can be used to filter cards in Kaiten

1. By card title

2. By owner

3. By member

4. By responsible

5. By the "ASAP" mark

6. By the "Blocked" mark

7. By tags

8. By parent card

9. By card type

10. By card status

11. By the date of card creation

12. By completion date

13. By the date of the last move

14. By update date

15. By the date of the start of work on the card

16. By the date of the planned start of work

17. By the date of the planned end of work

18. By date

19. By service

20. By card path

21. By date of adding comments

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