Kanban-method-related features overview

Board constructor

Our board constructor is unique among other Kanban specialized software.

You create a space, then add as many boards, as you need:

Access is given per space. So if you are not invited to particular space, you don’t have access to boards in it.

One board can live in different spaces, and that allows you to build flexible structures.

Complex flows, where each board is a kanban-system and they can live separately::

[Picture with 2 boards]

External collaborators

Easily include external collaborators in your process with adding their board into your process.


Multiple board placement per space allows not only to build upstream / downstream Kanban systems, but to have unlimited level of hierarchy.

Visual signals

Wip limits


By text

By cards

Stale cards

By column

By lane


CFD + Trends

Control chart

Cycle time distribution

Cycle time trend

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