Slack integration, Slack bot

Slack – a messaging app for teams

You can connect space and slack channel. All events from space will be translated to slack channel.

What can you do with our bot

- Customize notifications on cards, boards and spaces in convenient way;

- Create cards in Kaiten directly from messages in Slack - nothing will be forgotten, create tasks on the go!

- Quickly see status across the entire space. Control WiP limits, blockers and deadlines directly in your messenger;

- Share information from the cards. Send a link to the card to the channel, and it will be converted into a summary of the task.

How to connect

Company set up

The bot in Slack is connected immediately for the whole company. Therefore, the steps below need to be done once so that the whole team could then individually set up the bot already in the messenger.

To connect:

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of Kaiten, then "Profile Settings"

  1. In the window that opens, select the "Notification settings" section, the "Bots" tab. Click “Setup Slack bot“

  1. Make a Slack bundle with Kaiten - to do this, follow the instructions (it will appear after switching to the bot section) - you will need to specify the space in Slack, your account in Kaiten and any channel - it does not play a big role, and notifications can be configured later

  2. Check that the Kaiten bot has been added to your Slack - it should appear in the list of installed applications “Apps”

  3. Everything is ready, your team can work with the Kaiten bot.

Individual set up

Now everyone who wants to use the bot must log in. To do this, go to Slack in any channel, type the command /kaiten authorize your@email and press "Enter".


Now you have a personal bot that you can customize personally for yourself.

You can see what a bot can do by writing the command /kaiten help.

In the channel or group where you want to receive notifications, you need to write the command /kaiten subscribe with the necessary parameters. After that, the selected notifications will be sent there.

If the channel is private, do not forget to add a bot to it first. This can be done by inviting a new user.

Setting up notifications in Slack

Open your profile → "Profile settings" → Notifications settings.

Check the boxes next to the notifications you want.