Zapier is a service that allows you to integrate applications by setting scenarios like “when event A occurred in system 1, do action B in system 2”.

With Zapier, you can, for example, synchronize task status updates across two systems.

See what applications you can integrate Kaiten with

Kaiten - Zapier integration allows us to keep Kaiten cards and deals/cards from other applications in sync.

Let's consider an example of Kaiten - Pipedrive integration.

A new card is created in Kaiten and we want a new deal to be created in Pipedrive.

Firstly, we have to go to Pipedrive -> settings and add a new custom field in deals. Name it as you want (to make things clearer good name will be «external_id»).

We will need it further to create relation between the Pipedrive deal and the Kaiten card.

Finally let’s make a zap in Zapier for card creation.

  • Choose Kaiten in the first step, select the «New card collection» event and authorize it in your account.

  • Select board and column in which the new cards will create deals in the Pipedrive

  • For the next step choose Pipedrive and «Create deal» action. Fill the form with the desired data. The most important thing is to fill the recently created Pipedrive «external_id» field with Kaiten card id.

  • We want to create both side's relations between the newly created deal and Kaiten card. Next zap’s step is going to be «Update card in Kaiten» action. Fill the «Card» field with ID from the first step and «External ID» field with the ID of the Pipedrive deal. That way entities will be connected from both ways.

Finish the zap and turn it on.

Let’s synchronize the movement of the Pipedrive deal and a card in Kaiten. Let’s make a new zap for it.

  • For the first step zap’s step choose Pipedrive and select the «Updated deal stage». In the «Stage in pipeline» field select the stage.

  • The last step of this zap is to move the Kaiten card. Select Kaiten and «Move Card» action. Fill the «Card Id» field with «external_id» from the Pipedrive deal. Also, select the board and column where you want to move your card.

Zap is ready! When the Pipedrive deal moves to the selected column, the Kaiten card will be also moved. Please note - if you want to keep in sync the whole board, you need to make zap for each column.

Let’s create one more zap and make Kaiten card changes update the Pipedrive deal.

  • The first zap step is Kaiten and «Card Updated on Board» action. Select board.

  • The second step is to update the Pipedrive deal - select the «Update deal» action. Choose in the first field «External ID» of the updated Kaiten card.

  • Fill the fields you want to keep in sync. In my case, it is description and value.

Now our Pipedrive deals and our Kaiten board are synchronized! When something changes in the Kaiten card description or other selected fields - The Pipedrive deal will be updated.

And we can easily customize some parts of this integration. Let’s suppose we want to create a Kaiten card from Pipedrive deals. This zap should do the work:

  • Select Pipedrive and «New deal» event.

  • The next zap step is Kaiten and «Add card» action. Select the board and column where you want a new card to be created. Fill the «External Id» field with the ID of the Pipedrive deal and fill the rest of the fields.

  • The next step is to add the «external_id» field to the Pipedrive deal. Select Pipedrive and «Update deal» action. Fill the «Deal» field with deal id, and «external_id» field Kaiten card ID.

Zap is ready. A new card will be created when you add a new deal.

But what to do if we want cards to be created only when some special criteria are met? This is where Zapier action «Filter» comes to the rescue, you can filter deals by specific criteria and cards will be created only if the deal satisfies our needs.

In that case, our actions will be: Deal created -> filtered -> Kaiten card created. -> Deal updated with external_id

It looks like we should do a lot of things in Zapier to keep Pipedrive and Kaiten cards synchronized, but wait - we have to do it just once and the integration will work for us for a long time.