Notifications - informational messages about events that have occurred in Kaiten.


You can receive notifications about the following events:

  1. you were assigned the person in charge on the card;

  2. you were added to the card as a participant;

  3. the card has moved to another column / the card has been created in the column;

  4. new comment to the card;

  5. you were mentioned in a comment;

  6. the card is blocked;

  7. the card is unlocked;

  8. updated card description;

  9. the due date in the card has been changed.

Notification channels

You can receive notifications by email (email), Telegram or Slack. Each channel of notifications in your Profile has a section with settings.


Go to Profile, open the Email Notifications section. Make sure the switch “Enabled” is activated, otherwise no notifications will be received.


To connect Telegram - write to our bot @KaitenBot, it will tell you how to log in.

After authorization in the Profile section, you will see a new menu item “Telegram Settings”, in which you can configure the necessary notifications.

Important: at the moment, the number of events that are configured for Telegram is different from other channels. Events for updating the card description and changing the due date do not come to Telegram.


To connect Slack - add our application to your account (for this you need to be an administrator of your Slack).

After our application is installed in your Slack, you need to write a Direct Message application (private message), then our application will tell you how to pass authorization to receive notifications.

Please note that in addition to personal notifications, our Slack app also allows you to subscribe to events in channels. To do this, you need to invite our application to the channel and call the necessary commands (a list of commands can be obtained using /kaiten help).

When notifications arrive

You receive a card notification if

  • you are a member of the card, a responsible or an owner (in our terminology, you become an owner when you create a card, later you can change the owner for the card);

  • you subscribed to the card (bell in the open card);

  • the card is located in the space to which you are subscribed (subscription to the space is carried out in the “gear” menu, to the right of the name of the open space);

You do not need to subscribe to the card, if you are already a member (in any role).

When notifications won’t come

You are the author of the action.

The channel settings (in the Profile) do not mark the events that you expect in this notification channel.

This is a special notification, and you need to check that all the settings are done (more on this below).

Special notifications

Notifications about moving a card to another column

In order to receive notifications about the transition of a card to another column, in addition to setting the Channel, you need to subscribe to the columns you are interested in.

Subscription to a column is made from the context menu of the column you are interested in:

  1. Hover over the column name

  2. “Three dots”-button appears to the right of the column (at the end of the column area), click on it - the context menu opens

  3. Look for “Subscribe for card movements” and select the next appropriate option.

If you select a subscription to all cards within the framework of this subscription, you will receive notifications about the creation of a card in this column and about the movement of other cards into it.

In addition to subscribing to the tunes you need, please make sure that the channel you need is configured to receive this type of notification (the channel settings are in your Profile)